Guru Of Darkness - Mater Meretrix (CD)

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One the best black metal albums of 2009. Brutal and desolate, but incorporating arrangements and songwriting far beyond the norm.

'Mater Meretrix' is one of the best releases of the year in the genre of Black Metal, with songs referencing the early era of Bathory), while the vocals refers mainly to 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' and to the paranoia of Attila Csihar. The songs are mostly fast with impressive cuts, like the cut in the boisterous 'In The Hands Of Evil', and they have the early Black Metal emotional load, with the simple, fast drum tempo, the long riffs and the absolute dark creeper vocals. 'Mater Meretrix' including Moloch Eyes videoclip and some special guests like Steve Sylvester (Death SS), Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) & Culto Prietsu (Ex Mayhem-Shadow Dancers).

Track Listing

    • Incoming Darkness
    • Journey to Destiny
    • Call of Nenia
    • Call of Nenia
    • The Everwalker
    • Mater Meretrix
    • Mater Meretrix
    • Endless Winter
    • In the Hands of Evil
    • Path to Moloch
    • Moloch Eyes
    • An Eternal Envy

    Additional Details

    Label: Rustblade

    Genre: Metal

    Run Time: 45:00 mins

    Release Date: 10/05/10

    UPC: 8156897134686

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