Jezebeth 2: Hour Of The Gun (DVD)

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The outlaw Billie Gunn uses a child vampire as bait to lure Jezebeth back for a bloody final showdown at High Noon

It's the year 1881 and the outlaw vampires Jezebeth Wyck and Billie Gunn, are now bitter enemies and have parted ways after a human child is gunned down in cold blood. Now after 130 years that same child is a vampire who slowly begins to show signs of being telekinetic. The child creature (Abigail) is used by the outlaw Billie Gunn as bait to lure Jezebeth back to the land where it all began for a bloody final showdown


Bonus Materials

  • 3D Panoramic Motion Menu
  • Scene Selection Page
  • Dead is Better 'Music Video'
  • Exclusive Preview of Jezebeth 3 The Guns of El Diablo
  • Trailers


Cast & Crew

  •       Ana Santos
  •       Jennifer Bartolini
  •       Gracie Serrano
  •       Reyna Rios
  •       Ruby Gonzalez
  •       Nelly Souders
  •       Drake Mefestta
  •       Ray R. Wise
  •       Gwen Bartolini
  •       Frank Warpeha
  •       Skylar Serrano
  •       Jeff Lison
  •       Ian Serrano
  •       Pinelope Love
  •       Stephanie Lison

Director: Damien Dante

Producer: Damien Dante

Producer: Jeffrey A. Swansom

Additional Details

Label: SGL Entertainment

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Run Time: 82 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/10/16

UPC: 658826009822

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