Kevin K - Hollywood (CD)

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Kevin K takes you on a tour of his Hollywood: an after dark Disneyland of girls, cars and loud guitars!

Kevin K explores his Hollywood in this CD, featuring songs about thieves, liars, cheats and jealous lovers. Not the stuff of tour busses, Hollywood takes you downtown after dark in LALA land. Kevin K is a seasoned vet of rock and roll stages across the globe, but he always comes back to his adopted hometown-Hollywood to play his most inspired music. Maybe it's because Jennifer Love lives nearby!

Track Listing

    • Story Of A Girl
    • Life In LA
    • Jennifer Love Song
    • 3 Inches Tall
    • The Final Damnation
    • Single Girl
    • Heartbreak Comedy
    • Hollywood High
    • Way Out West
    • Another Pretty Face
    • No Ice In Paradise
    • Hook Me Up
    • Joey and DeeDee
    • Hollywood
    • Circle Of Thieves
    • Bonus Track

    Additional Details

    Label: Circumstantial Recor

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Run Time: 52 mins

    Release Date: 01/26/10

    UPC: 600638960327

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