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Labtekwon - Avant God (CD)


Labtekwon - Avant God (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Fresh off the critical acclaim of his ambitious work The Hustlaz Guide to The Universe, Lab has returned with his most stunning record yet, a full out exploration of free form hip-hop, abstracted elliptic lyricism, and his own inimitable style, all told a brilliant diagram for a heretofore unknown genre of hip-hop. Call if free form, free jazz, or simply innovative, Lab has pushed the boundaries of hip-hop much like Ayler did for jazz. The result is 23 mercurial, challenging tracks of a new form of abstract hip-hop that will forever alter the landscape of contemporary music. Avant God is a product of Lab's idiomatic syncretism, a fusion of spirituality and ghetto culture, philosophical formalism and street aesthetics. His ability to blend these influences into a singular stream of lingual consciousness is why legendary Public Enemy front man Chuck D characterized Labtekwon as 'the Thelonius Monk of the rap game' and 'way ahead of his time.'

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

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