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Labtekwon - The Ghetto Dai Lai Llama Tv Ep (DVD)


Labtekwon - The Ghetto Dai Lai Llama Tv Ep (DVD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

With a solid foundation of acceptance Labtekwon continues to evolve, as evident in his first DVD release, The Ghetto Dai Lai Llama. This DVD offers a rare glimpse into the multifaceted canvas of Labtekwon's craft as it compiles a remarkable presentation of the best musical offerings Labtekwon has produced throughout his dynamic career. Packed with six new tracks and clocking in at about one hour, the accompanying films on this release demonstrate the depth of Lab's creative ingenuity by offering stark streetscapes and graffiti narratives of Baltimore and her environs. Utilizing inventive videography that stretches the boundaries of the medium, Labtekwon adds-for the first time-a visual component to his already acclaimed musical skills. Featuring Dali-esque 'booty-cuts' and surreally documented street play, The Ghetto Dai Lai Llama explores the eclectic tendrils of an artist with a unique hip-hop aesthetic through commentaries and documentaries revealing a fascinating introspection. In offering a frank interview on the objectification of women in close topical proximity to the oblique 'booty' video on the DVD ('Uhnnn Huhnnn'), Lab exposes the stark contradictions between art and reality.

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

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