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Landspeedrecord! - Unfailurelessness (CD)


Landspeedrecord! - Unfailurelessness (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Founded in 1996, Landspeedrecord! was a combination of seminal 90's Baltimore post-punk bands OCTOPUS, GLAZERIDE, and BUTTSTEAK. The band is the parental unit and mental health physician of front person/guitarist Charley Jamison, drummer/humorist Marc Berrong, front person/guitarist Ron Spencer, and bassist/mentor Thomas Stehr. Jamison's lyrical subject matter delves into surreal and uncomfortable topics: Car crashes, postteen pregnancy, process of 'learning to walk', post genX isolation, bi-polar disorders, concern for the health of deaf persons, lack-of-saliva disorder & even cannibalistic snakes. It's not happy stuff, but despite their darkly perverse and often downright scary lyrical nature the bandís instrumentation is conversely bright, melodic, and 'uncontained'. Having been called 'a strong mix of 60's garage/ 70's rock/ late 80's punk packaged in a sleek post-pop-punk container and served to the listener,' LandSpeedRecord! is perfect for listeners whose tastes are expansive, yet refined. Often reminiscent of D.C. institutions of the 80's and early 90's, LSR! still calls on some of their post-punk/new wave roots that have made the band appeal to fans as 2009 brings the release of their 7th album 'UnFailurelessness'. This is a band that seems to fuck up everyone's musical comparometer, and on their active myspace page Jamison notes that 'we've been compared to: Dismemberment Plan, Wire, XTC, At the Drive In, Archers of Loaf, Skeleton Key, Q and Not U, Ween, Weezer, Decemberists, They Might be Giants, Piebald, Built to Spill, Nirvana, Devo, the Clash, the Talking Heads, Fugazi, Juno, Oingo Boingo, Helmet, New Order, Hot Hot Heat, Six Finger Satellite, Shudder To Think, and on and on...Message us and tell us what YOU think we sound like. I will add it to the list.'

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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