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Lenore Syndrome - Your Lips Taste Like Microchip (CD)


Lenore Syndrome - Your Lips Taste Like Microchip (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

LENORE SYNDROME is a cold and calculated killing machine programmed with unrelenting aural blood-thirst. But wait, it is also equipped with enough atomically dance-y artillery to level an entire city block of futuristic discothèques. Just out of the gates, the record's second track, 'Disclosure,' begins with a stark, sterile and synthetic keyboard line. The false comfort of these cold electronics is shattered by discordant guitars and syncopated bass divebombing the mix, instantly conjuring comparisons to THE RAPTURE. The result is a maelstrom of unconventional beats, agitated and nervous vocals, and razors-edge keying. 'The Distance Between The Knife And Your Back,' is as menacing and calculated as the title suggests. The musical and vocal freakouts on this song are strung together by a bouncy, bass line, fluttering snare/highhat, and a guitar line reminiscent of THE CURE's more eastern sounding numbers. The sci-fi paranoia of 'Systems Will Fail' is at times a chaotic cacophony of ear splitting keying, but at others a picture of teeth-chattering rhythmic tightness. In a music scene currently permeated by duds like 'STARWARS Episode I', LENORE SYNDROME establishes themselves as a sonic equivalent to the Director's cut of 'Blade Runner'. Put on this disc and level the dance floor!!!

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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