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Librarians - Alright Easy Candy Stranger (CD)


Librarians - Alright Easy Candy Stranger (CD)

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Release Date: 01/01/01

Since their 2004 inception in the oft-neglected Morgantown, West Virgina music scene, Librarians have played a dark but danceable brand of indie rock with debts owed to disco, garage rock and post-punk. Alright Easy Candy Stranger is the group's first full-length following their debut EP, Neo- Rodeo. Recorded and mixed in early 2006, the album is an epic yet concise11-song outing; a fresh medley of ominous synthesizer melodies, thunderous drum beats and precise guitar riffs. The band's dancy punk-influenced songs draw from the best parts of such acts as Les Savy Fav, Liars, The Dismemberment Plan, Enon, and Thunderbirds Are Now!, adding a touch of sexy glam-rock influenced by the likes of T. Rex. Columbus Alive described Librarians best as making no sense at all. 'It's the stuff that turns rock writers slack-jawed and lazy, that makes whipping off lines like 'defying category' seem momentarily acceptable. Definitely a sight worth seeing.'

Genre: Alternative/Punk

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