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Manhattan School Of Music - Miles Ahead (CD)


Manhattan School Of Music - Miles Ahead (CD)

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Release Date: 10/13/15

Conducted by Justin Diciociccio, Dave Liebman and the Manhattan School of Music Jazz Orchestra unveil the last of the trio of Miles Davis/Gil Evans albums with 'Miles Ahead.' Dave he brings his saxophonic acumen and individuality to Miles Ahead. Those of us who are used to hearing this music played by the flugelhorn of Miles Davis will discover new joys, as will Liebman himself in the playing.Dave talking about the album:'Exchanging the soprano sax for the trumpet allows me to shape the music in some ways, but of course the specter of Miles is always there and I have tried my best to be true to his approach. That means not playing more than is necessary, concentrating on tone and color, and above all being lyrical. The job is awesome and I thank Justin, who in our work together over the years has come to understand my style, for once again allowing me to experience a piece of jazz history. And of course, much gratitude to the incredible students who gave so much to get the music right.'

Label: Jazzheads
Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 40 mins

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