Mickey Jupp - You Say Rock (CD)

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Heartfelt rock n roll can still make you smile.

Like Dave Edmunds, guitarist/pianist/vocalist Mickey Jupp was a champion of traditional rock & roll during the late 70's, a time when it had been all but discarded. Unlike Edmunds, Jupp wrote the majority of his own material, which updated 50's rock & roll with a tongue-in-cheek irony. Mickey Jupp has had a long career with many albums under his own name for labels like Arista, Stiff, Chrysalis and A&M. His 'You Say Rock' was produced by Jerry Williams and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1994 and shows Mickey Jupp at his very best with a number of his great original songs.

Track Listing

    • You Wear My Ring
    • Anything You Say
    • I Thought I Heard Something
    • Heave To My Hearties
    • The Fortunate Few
    • Modern Music
    • Three Little Words
    • Ring, Damn You, Ring
    • Sonia's Song
    • Part Of Your Furniture
    • Good Gracious Me!

    Additional Details

    Label: Gazell Records

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Run Time: 60 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 08/07/12

    UPC: 7393775100024

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