Pearls Before Swine (DVD)


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Pearls Before Swine is here on DVD. What is Pearls Before Swine' Is it a controversial and iconoclastic look at the rise of a new form of fascism' The new film from Aussie director Richard Wolstencroft of Bloodlust fame' A rip-snorting ode to violence and sex in the tradition of A Clockwork Orange' The first feature film starring musician and philosopher Boyd Rice from NON' A radical change for the better in the recent lacklustre Australian film industry' A kick ass philosophical thriller about an assassin who is hired to kill an author of subversive literature' The answer is all of the above. And more. Read on if you dare.

Additional Details

Label: Soleilmoon Recordings

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Region: 0

Release Date: 01/10/06

UPC: 753907332995

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