Poem Rocket - Invasion! (CD)


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Poem Rocket Principals Michael Peters & Sandra Gardner Have Returned After A Multi-Year Hiatus Since The Release Of Their Critically-Acclaimed Atavistic Debut, Psychogeography (Alp123Cd)- Emerging To Offer The World A Glimpse Of Their Own Invasion!...

'An Ecstatic Sense Of The Undertaking' Or, Dead Reckoning. Listen: Only Love Defies This Deluge, And Therein, In Its Moist Condensations, This Tempest Of Cloud Cover Defies Yourself, Your Mood... To Die For The Want Of This Love. Yes, Don'T Think You'Re Not Dying, For The Invasion Is Just Beginning.'

Or, Put Another Way, This Is An Incredibly Sophisticated, Expansive And Densely Layered Double-Album Of Worthy Of Your Full Attention.

Additional Details

Label: Atavistic

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Release Date: 03/31/09

UPC: 735286113327

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