Randi Tytingvag - Grounding (CD)


$ 15.99


'Randi Tytingvåg confirms her position as one of the most interesting singer/songwriters in Norway. She takes elements from pop, rock, the singer songwriter tradition and from jazz and creates a mix I can't describe as anything else than 'tytingvågsk.' Press

Track Listing

    • Impatience
    • Inside
    • TytingvÃ¥g
    • Paper Tiger
    • Your Way
    • Sit Yourself Down
    • All That Is Not Free
    • Relay
    • Starbuck
    • Heads Up
    • Future Song

    Additional Details

    Label: Ozella Music

    Genre: Jazz

    Release Date: 04/27/12

    UPC: 4038952000409

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