Rhys Marsh & The Autumn Ghost - Trio (CD)


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Double album from Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost, recorded live in the studio.

Double album from Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost, recorded live in the studio.

After releasing three critically-acclaimed albums, including two on Termo Records - home to White Willow, Judy Dyble & Wobbler - Marsh decided to form a live band to promote 'The Blue Hour', an album which brought woodwind & brass quartets into a beautifully-atmospheric & progressive setting, creating what was best described as 'chamber-prog'.

Marsh wanted to reinterpret the songs, rather than replicate them, so the line-up he chose featured two exciting multi-instrumentalists from the psychedelic Trondheim-based band, Flashback Caruso.

Their concerts were so warmly received, that the band decided they needed to capture the energy & spontaneity, for which they'd become known for on stage, onto tape. They chose to record live in the studio, over the course of just two days - in as old-school a fashion as possible, with no click track, no headphones, no edits & no safety-net. Just the three of them, playing together & feeding off each other. What you hear is exactly what happened during those two days.

The only overdubs were their vocals, along with the flute of Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist / Motorpsycho).

Featuring a selection of songs from the first three Autumn Ghost records, dramatically rearranged for this new ensemble, plus a brand new instrumental track, 'Watch The Sky Fall', 'Trio' captures the band at the height of its power - improvising as if their lives depend on it, taking risks & seeing how far they can push themselves & each other, to spectacular results.

'You'll have to look far to find a group that's this dynamic. They use all the instruments for all they're worth, creating some wonderful audio landscapes. The band is incredibly tight, especially their three-part harmonies, which are used as a spice here and there.'

'Interaction, passion versus stringency, delivery, communication and precision left the crowds breathless.'
Norway Rock Magazine

Track Listing

Disc 1:
  • Wooden Heart
  • I Watched, As You Disappeared
  • All Light Fades
  • And I Wait
Disc 2:
  • Watch The Sky Fall
  • The Place Where You Lay
  • Divide In Silence
  • The Movements Of Our Last Farewell

Additional Details

Label: Autumnsongs Records

Genre: Progressive Rock

Language: English

Run Time: 65:15 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/10/15

UPC: 7071245088002

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