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Robin Trower - What Lies Beneath (CD)


Robin Trower - What Lies Beneath (CD)

$ 16.95

Release Date: 08/04/09

The 2009 collection from one of Blues Rock's legendary guitar stylists.

Robin Trower has a guitar voice that is unique among todays players. In the eleven songs on 'What Lies Beneath' Robin explores his music using a more layered tonal vision. This collection of new songs was recorded by Livingston Brown in a small studio in Godalming, UK. Robin took the opportunity to fully explore his new aproach to the music. Robin had equipment built to his specifications for this recording, and the tonal range of the guitar is the outstanding feature that knits the CD together. The songs are complemented by arrangements that even include real strings on two tracks. 'What Lies Beneath' belongs in the collection of every guitar afficionado, and every lover of Classic Rock -- two of the audience segments that are still buying CDs.


Label: V-12 RECORDS
Genre: Pop/Rock
Run Time: 53 mins

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