Roger Matura - The Return Of The Caveman (CD)

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Three Disc Collection featuring 56 total tracks.

The ultimate Matura Collection!

Three Disc Collection featuring 56 total tracks.

For Roger Matura music is an inexhaustible field of experiment - and has been so for a good three decades. Retrospect and foresight at the same time: the 3-CD Box ,the Return of the Cave Man / auf wiedersehn zukunft!?' and the Cover-Collection ,Give My Regards to Waterloo Station'. As a frontier runner between folk and blues, jazz and rock, the singer, songwriter and guitarist hits his listeners in the middle of their hearts with his fragile raspy voice, catchy and unforgettable melodies and lyrics that take up arms to fight for love and life.

Additional Details

Label: Ozella Music

Genre: Folk

Release Date: 10/20/06

UPC: 4038952005039

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