Seeing Heaven (DVD)


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Paul is a hustler with captivating looks and a dark gift. As he drifts from client to client, he finds that his sexual encounters are triggering visions of his long lost twin. Determined to solve the mystery of his brother's whereabouts, Paul seeks out more partners and more dangerous encounters in order to fully unleash his visions. As his nightmares turn increasingly morbid - revealing a masked killer in pursuit of his brother - Paul's sexual partners begin to share in his chilling visions. Soon his risky behavior puts him in the company of a suspicious cast of characters - ones that could even be tied to the masked killer of his nightmares. In the vein of David Lynch, Seeing Heaven is an erotic thriller that rivets viewers with its chilling imagery and its expressionistic tale of sexual subversion.

Additional Details

Label: Breaking Glass Pictures

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 106 mins

Release Date: 12/07/10

UPC: 853937002483

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