Sonny Vincent - Primitive 1969-76 (LP)


$ 31.50


Showcases brilliantly what Sonny was about prior to his time in The Testors!

An archival release of early muisc from Sonny Vincent, the legendary leader of The Testors, one of the original CBGB bands. It has music from from his early protometal bands Fury, Distance and Liquid Diamonds. An album that goes one further by compiling tracks from Vincent's various pre-Testors power-trios from 1969-1976.


Track Listing

    • Flying (Remastered)
    • 100% Proof (Remastered)
    • Indecision (Remastered)
    • Long Ago (Remastered)
    • Concrete Bliss (Remastered)
    • Scary (Remastered)
    • Lament (Remastered)
    • She's Like Hiroshima (Remastered)
    • Awmaw (Remastered)
    • The Good Well (Remastered)
    • Never Die (Remastered)
    • All Day (Remastered)

    Additional Details

    Label: Ripple Music

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Run Time: 46:17 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 12/08/23

    UPC: 850037977369

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