Tasty Sound Collection: Absinthe & Voices (CD)


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Absinthe is one of life's finer indulgences. As are the tracks on this collection. The perfect musical accompaniment for a round of absinthe.

The In-akustik connoisseurs series - something for every refined taste, continues... Absinthe is one of life's finer indulgences. As are the tracks on this collection. This CD provides the perfect musical accompaniment for every round of absinthe. Simply place it in the player and sit back and relax while taking an occasional sip of the green fairy, perhaps adding a splash of water from time-to-time. This collection has everything to set your thoughts completely free. Voices as diverse as absinthe itself. In addition to music to match the mood, aficionados will also appreciate the wealth of information on the history and tradition of the drink as well as useful tips and recipes for every occasion.

Track Listing

    • Evie Sands - When I Look At You
    • Chris Jones - No Sanctuary here
    • Cheryl Wheeler - Walk Around Downtown
    • Udo Schild - All The Lonely Girls
    • Miller Anderson - By The Light
    • Kimberly McCarver - Silver Wheeled Pony
    • Philipp Fankhauser - I'm Finished Here
    • Patrick Largounez & Friedemann - Petit, tu viens petit
    • Lynn Miles - 1000 Lovers
    • David Munyon - Words of Love
    • Schenker - Barden - Lost
    • Allan Taylor - The Traveller
    • Martelle - Up and Away
    • Lucy Kaplansky - The Tide
    • Leigh Blond - You Can't Always Keep The One's You Love
    • Steve Strauss - Argyle Bridge

    Additional Details

    Label: Inakustik

    Genre: Pop/Rock

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 07/13/10

    UPC: 707787796828

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