Void Union - Higher Guns (CD)


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Rocksteady, reggae, ska and soul featuring an all-star line up!

The Void Union are one of those bands that sneak onto the scene and go unnoticed for a while, but finally people caught on and realized they should have been paying attention since the beginning! While Westbound Train were winding down and loosing steam (train, steam, get it?), a few of their members did what musicians typically do when their current band slows down...they start their own band! Current and former Westbound Train members decided to take all that momentum they had built up on the road with WBT and put it towards the creation of a new group and a new sound. By reaching out to their musical friends and artists they admire, they began to assemble a collection of brand new material that would lead to the formation of 'The Void Union' and the unique recording of their self-titled debut release in 2008.

The Void Union have returned with their sophomore effort that is already outselling the first one in great lengths. With the current Jamaican music market serving up a nice dish of 'rocksteady' bands, both in new blood and with some of the old time players getting some long over due recognition, 'Higher Guns' drops at just the right time! With their second European tour on the horizon and a multi label release effort (JumpUp! Records has the vinyl and RockingRecords has co-released the CD with Megalith Records in Europe) the band is finally getting the attention they have deserved.

This new record has been receiving high praise by the likes of Duff Guide To Ska, MNSKA and Oi! Oi! Music! as well as being ranked (voted) as one of the best ska releases in 2011 by KDHX Ska's The Limit radio show! With another impressive line up of guest musicians and recording and engineering credits, 'Higher Guns' showcases some of the more authentic Jamaican styles to grace a modern record! With heavy emphasis on the rocksteady stick bass guitar sound, the band 'stretches out' to run the gambit of ska and reggae influenced styles.

Track Listing

    • Revenge
    • Aiming
    • Fly-A-Me-Away
    • Garden Of Eden
    • In Like Flynn
    • Tea Party Girl
    • Rock The Function
    • Don't Trust Her
    • Sad To Say
    • Tobacco
    • Judgement
    • Song For Lester
    • Higher Guns

    Additional Details

    Label: Megalith Records

    Genre: Reggae

    Run Time: 47:49 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 08/07/12

    UPC: 616892025542

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