ZX81 - Minyak (CD)


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Rhythmic ambient with analog synths into a cold minimal glacial atmosphere influence Aphex Twin, Pansonic

ZX81 is back with his particular rhythmic ambient style. With this album he is able to find an original way to mix broken drum patterns with analog synths into a cold minimal glacial atmosphere. His sounds transport us to a realm of microcircuits and electronic impulses. We are happy to present this sonically fresh and modern release that is sure to please fans of the styles Pansonic or Aphex Twin. A must have!

Track Listing

    • NasonExe
    • J.Cndr
    • Aguirre
    • Modul_CIK
    • Minyack
    • Everything is possible
    • Live Syncronized to the World
    • Alkabama
    • Shillikiti Box

    Additional Details

    Label: Funch

    Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

    Language: English

    Run Time: 60:00 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 01/14/14

    UPC: 4250137202846

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