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Poltergeist - Behind My Mask (CD)
Lillian Axe - Psalms For Eternity (CD)
Harvey Summers - Moon (CD)
Rockets - Don't Stop (Orange Vinyl) (LP)
Among Legends - Take Good Care (LP)
The Drowns - Lunatics (LP)
Ophe - Somnium Nocte Mendaciis (CD)
The Soviettes - Lp (LP)
Rockets - Don't Stop (Black Vinyl) (LP)
Booze & Glory - Raising The Roof (LP)
Poltergeist - Depression (CD)
Klaus Schulze - Vitual Outback (CD)
Volturian - Red Dragon (CD)
Whitney K - Hard To Be A God (LP)
Melts - Maelstrom (LP)
Rockets - Alienation (LP)
Bishops Green - Black Skies (LP)

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