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Gatecloser - From The Wasteland (CD)
Striders - Out Of The Blues (CD)
Neon Angel - Neon Light District (CD)
Theosophy - Towers Of Dark Pantheon (CD)
No Such Season - U.A.F. (CD)
Clan Of Xymox - Limbo (CD)
Lazy Man's Load - All Hat No Cattle (CD)
Thelemite - Thelemism (CD)
Vandor - On A Moonlit Night (LP)
Nothing Sacred - No Gods (CD)
Triton Devs - Stay Alive (CD)
Grave - Hating Life (CD)
Brucexcampbell - South To No Life (LP)
Keitzer - Where The Light Ends (LP)
The Blue Hour - Lore (CD)
Hammers Of Misfortune - The Bastard (LP)
Isiulusions - I: Follow The Flow (CD)
Lycia - Casa Luna (CD)
The Joy Thieves - American Parasite (CD)

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