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Lycia - Casa Luna (CD)
The Joy Thieves - American Parasite (CD)
Reinforcer - Prince Of The Tribes (LP)
Thadeus Gonzalez - Opposite Faces (LP)
Sun Crow - Quest For Oblivion (LP)
Adele - This Is Adele: Unauthorized (CD)
Ellis Mano Band - Ambedo (CD)
Soulless  - Shine In Purity (CD)
Paul Chain - Soliloquies 1984-1994 (CD)
Parish - God's Right Hand (CD)
Eisenhand - Fires Within (CD)
Heavy Sentence - Bang To Rights (CD)
The Courettes - We Are The Courettes (LP)
The Courettes - Here Are The Courettes (LP)
Pharaoh - The Powers That Be (LP)
Cowards May Die (DVD)
The Ossuary - Oltretomba (CD)

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