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A.j Teshin - The Kurt Weill Project (CD)
Adi Braun - The Rules Of The Game (CD)
Andrew Suvalsky - A World That Swings (CD)
Anna Bergman - Souvenir (CD)
Anne Kerry Ford - Something Wonderful (CD)
B.j. Ward - Double Feature (CD)
B.j. Ward - Double Feature 2 (CD)
Babbie Green - Soldiers Fo The Heart (CD)
Barbara Brussell - Patterns (CD)
Betsyann Faiella - Can I Be Frank? (CD)
Billy Barnes - Divas (CD)
Charles Cermele - Ask Me Again (CD)
Cindy Benson - Out On A Whim (CD)
Cory Jamison - Here's To Hoagy (CD)
D.c Anderson - Blue Summer Day (CD)

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