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Danny Denial - fuck danny denial (LP)
Fiona Moonchild - Sweets Of Reason (LP)
Lal - Dark Beings (CD)
Lal - Dark Beings (VINYL ALBUM)
LAL - Meteors Could Come Down (LP)
Loamlands - Lez Dance (CD)
Lonesome Leash - Delicate Art (CD)
Lonesome Leash - Delicate Art (VINYL ALBUM)
ManDate - Oral History (VINYL ALBUM)
Nana Grizol - Theo Zumm (VINYL ALBUM)
Old Dark House - Welcome Home (LP)
Slashed Tires - Don't Party (VINYL ALBUM)
Stres - sea//grams (LP)
Wizard Apprentice - Dig A Pit (VINYL ALBUM)

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