A Novel Resort - Island Of Atlas EP (CD)


$ 9.99


Release Date: 04/01/16

Cold and dense Danish pop with distant vocals & softly jangly guitars / RIYL: Azure Blue, Mary Onettes

There's something about Scandinavia and icy pop music - we've heard it in so many of their bands, including Azure Blue, the Mary Onettes, Sambassadeur (and lots of other Labrador Records artists, for that matter) - and now we can hear it in Denmark's A Novel Resort. A one man show, starring Michael Kornbeck (also of Northern Portrait), these four songs are cold and dense - but that's not to say they are uninviting. Rather, they each are filled with many memorable melodies found in both the distant vocals and the softly jangled guitars, all of which are nicely nestled in warm blankets of synths and keyboards. Four songs that make for a fine snapshot of winters past and winters to come.

Label: Jigsaw Records
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 18:34 mins

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