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A Stitch In Time (DVD)


A Stitch In Time (DVD)

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Release Date: 11/11/08

Norman Wisdom, the clown prince of the silver screen stars in a non-stop laughfest!

Norman Pitkin and Mr. Grimsdale, partners in a butchers shop, are held up by a thief. Mr. Grimsdale hides his gold watch in his mouth but swallows it and is taken to hospital. While Norman is waiting for the watch to be extracted he decides that he has been 'called' to be a doctor but the governor, Sir Hector, refuses him entrance. Norman tries several times to enter the hospital to see a child called Lindy who is suffering from shock and to whom he has given the gold watch but he is always turned away. Eventually he has an accident and is admitted to hospital as a patient and Lindy, who has recovered, visits him and returns the watch to Mr. Grimsdale.

Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 91 mins

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