Absolute Zero - Crashing Icons (CD)


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Absolute Zero are an apocalyptic maelstrom of a band. Imagine post Canterbury (Soft Machine, Hatfields, Caravan), mixed with Rock in Opposition (Henry Cow, Art Bears, Aksak Maboul, Univers Zero) suffused with Teutonic precision and obsessive repetition (Magma), imbued with some of Frank Zappa's wit and post classical chic, filtered through post RIO bands like 5UUs, and cocking a snook at the more tame and inhibited post-rock groups like Tortoise. It's a roller coaster ride of twisted melodies, battering rhythms and in-your-face real-time effects. Both co-founder Enrique Jardines (bass) and long time keyboardist and vocalist Aislinn Quinn have Masters degrees in composition, which perhaps explains the awesome compositional techniques employed to fashion the complex and chaotic melodies and rhythmic structures. Legendary Canterbury drummer Pip Pyle (late of alternative super-groups Delivery, Gong, Hatfield and the North and National Health) is a relative newcomer, having replaced founding member Paul Roger in 1999. Though (as far as we know) Pip boasts no higher degrees in percussion, in his case the university of life seems to have prepared him for Absolute Zero. On Crashing Icons his drumming reaches an entirely new level of aggression and complexity, at times slamming the music into brutal post-rock shapes, while at others sending shimmering high hat patterns skimming across new harmonic planes.

Additional Details

Label: Rer Megacorp

Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date: 12/03/13

UPC: 752725016520

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