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Agent Side Grinder - Hardware (sftwr Included!) (CD)


Agent Side Grinder - Hardware (sftwr Included!) (CD)

$ 6.99

Release Date: 06/04/13

The newest release from Sweden's rocking electro benemoth Agent Side Grinder includes a bonus CD with 15 remixes!

Sweden's rocking electro behemoth Agent Side Grinder burst onto the scene in 2008 and since then have not looked back. Their new album Hardware is an uncompromising, never-before-heard blend of industrial, post-punk, EBM and electro topped with the apocalyptic crooning of singer Kristoffer Grip. British music fanzine 20JazzFunkGreats called them a 'sensation of uncomfortable pleasure.'

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch
Run Time: 122:07 mins

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