Al Andaluz Project - Abuab Al Andalus: Live In Munchen 2011 (CD/DVD)


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Release Date: 03/09/12

When musicians of the band Estampie met with Spanish and Maroccan musicians of Aman Aman and L‘Ham de Foc after a concert in Munich in November 2005, the idea for a common project was born: the Al Andaluz Project.After many acclaimed concerts and performances at international festivals, the band recorded their concert they gave in January 2011 in Munich. The recording of the concert called “Abuab Al Andalus” (the gate of Al Andalus) was released in January 2012 as CD/DVD and presented during an extensive tour through Germany. The three singers Mara Aranda (Spain), Iman al Kandoussi (Morocco) and Sigrid Hausen (Germany) were accompanied by Michael Popp (Germany / vocals, Ud, Saz, Tar, Fidel, Dilruba, Lafta), Aziz Samsoui (Morocco / Qanun), Ernst Schwindl (Germany / hurdygurdy, harmonium, portative), Jota Martinez (Spain / hurdy-gurdy, citola) and Sascha Gotowtschikow (Germany / percussion).

Label: Galileo Mc
Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 3.2840 mins

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