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Angelspit - Blood Death Ivory (CD)


Angelspit - Blood Death Ivory (CD)

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Release Date: 07/08/08

Angelspit offers punked up hard beats, distortion & glitchy sonic anarchy as the soundtrack to the 21st century.

A crazy futuristic noise-punk industrial duo from Australia with a serious medical fetish. Angelspit offers hard beats, distortion & glitchy sonic anarchy, certain to please fans of KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Atari Teenage Riot and Miss Kittin. 'Blood Death Ivory' is the twosome's follow-up to 'Krankhaus,' which became one of Dancing Ferret's best-selling debut albums ever. 'Blood Death Ivory' contains eleven songs guaranteed to defibrillate the heart of electronic music.

Genre: Alternative/Punk
Run Time: 45 mins

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