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The Anix's full-length album Shadow_Movement is set within a cyberpunk world, featuring 15 tracks of electronic-rock.

The Shadow_Movement is upon us as The Anix's 6th full-length album will be unlocked on October 19, 2018. Featuring 15 tracks of electronic-rock, including highlights 'This Machine,' 'Fight The Future,' 'Come Back Down,' and 'Interchanger,' the album is set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, pulling from counter-culture, sci-fi and anime influences of a digitality based future.

Assuming multiple roles as composer, producer, and mixer, The Anix mastermind, Brandon Smith, combines influences from both rock and electronic music, crafting a powerful message with excellent musicianship and songwriting. Shadow_Movement combines influences from all of The Anix's previous works and pushes far into the future.

In the world of Shadow_Movement, the Interchanger stands alone - a rogue agent passing through the shadows of foreign lands with no connection and no allies, fighting against the dystopian future held by the oppressive hands of the 'machines of industry and influence.' The Anix rallies listeners with the anthemic message: 'they can't stop us.'

Hold onto nothing in the fragmented world of Shadow_Movement.

Additional Details

Label: FiXT

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Language: English

Run Time: 57:23 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/19/18

UPC: 699618558104

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