Anthony Coleman - Damaged By Sunlight (DVD)


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This film attempts to capture Coleman's playing, as if it were seared by light. As a bonus, talks about his musical and literary influences, his technique, and his career.

A key player of the NYC Downtown scene since the late 70’s, Anthony Coleman is credited on John Zorn’s greatest albums, as well as on some Naked City projects. He also was the special guest to the first David Krakauer’s Klezmer Madness and has performed numerous times with Marc Ribot. His influences range from the great jazz piano tradition(s) (from Fats Waller to Jelly Roll Morton, Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor via Duke Ellington) to contemporary music (Morton Feldman, Mauricio Kagel) and klezmer. This film attempts to capture the music played by Anthony Coleman, as if it were seared by light. A few memories of a filmed desert and a dervish-woman appear to accompany and foil this instantaneous musical moment.

Additional Details

Label: La Huit

Genre: Jazz

Run Time: 90 mins

Release Date: 11/08/11

UPC: 3760123503150

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