Astral Son - Silver Moon (CD)

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Colourfull psychedelic concept album by Dutch artist Leonardo

Astral Son is the neo-psych-solo-project of the Dutch artist Leonardo. This is his second album A colourful soundscape like a fleet-footed dancing monument made of warm-hearted acoustic poetry, invites the listener into it's colorful world. A concept album full of wonderful songs blending into each other, so that the album appears as a complete work, like a psychedelic stage play - pictorial and enchanted. The sound is absolutely experienced and exalted but also saturated through a big dose of childlike layfulness: Spirited, colorful and poetically. The hallucinogenic atmosphere of the whole gets accentuated by a 60's influences like Gong and early Pink Floyd, which inspire „Astral Son' to create his very own sound out of these unlimited ideas. „Silver Moon' is a artistic synthesis - the beautiful artwork is made by Leonardo himself, too.

Additional Details

Label: Sulatron

Genre: Psychedelic

Language: English

Run Time: 42:19 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/08/16

UPC: 9120031190653

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