Avril Lavigne - The Whole Picture (DVD/CD)

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Two disc documentary and interview set.

She's almost completed her first decade in the music industry but unlike so many of her female contemporaries who began their careers around the same time, Avril Lavigne is a woman of substance, character and enormous talent and remains as far from being 'washed up' as its possible to get. In fact many believe we have yet to witness her finest work as she matures and develops as an artist. This two disc set celebrates Avril's first 10 years in music, and features a fascinating DVD documentary detailing her life and career to date and a second disc featuring well over an hour of interview material by the girl herself, recorded at various junctures across her career to date. Completed with deluxe digi- packaging, this delightful set will prove a must-have item for Avril Lavigne's army of fans still rampantly following this remarkable woman and her extraordinary music.

Additional Details

Label: Pride

Genre: Pop/Rock

Run Time: 107 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 05/17/11

UPC: 823564525099

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