Bad Bones - Demolition Derby (CD)


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'Demolition Derby' is the fourth album by BAD BONES, Classic Rock in its purest/undiluted form

'Demolition Derby' is the fourth album by Italian rockers BAD BONES, the second with the talented
singer Max Malmerenda on vocals and if you dig Classic Rock in its purest and undiluted form you
will love the energy and the attitude poured by the band in those tracks.
The album has been recorded mixed and mastered at Domination Studio in San Marino produced by
Simone Mularoni (DGM, Secret Sphere, Vison Divine) while vocals were recorded and produced by
Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld) at Gianlupo's Lair Studio in Genoa.

Track Listing

    • Me Against Myself
    • Endless Road
    • Some Kind Of Blues
    • Stronger
    • Rambling Heart
    • Rusty Broken Song
    • Red Sun
    • A Perfect Alibi
    • Shoot You Down
    • The Race
    • Demolition Derby

    Additional Details

    Label: Sliptrick Records

    Genre: Adult Contemporary/MOR

    Language: English

    Run Time: 40:45 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 02/10/17

    UPC: 760137971122

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