Big Big Train - Welcome To The Planet (CD)

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Release Date: 04/01/22

Brand new studio album by legendary British progressive rock formation BIG BIG TRAIN!

Brand new studio album by legendary British progressive rock formation BIG BIG TRAIN. Only six months after the album 'Common Ground', which was celebrated by critics and placed in the international charts, 'Welcome To The Planet', which is also conceptually oriented towards modern sounds, is released as a CD and as an LP on ENGLISH ELECTRIC / PLANE GROOVY. Founded in Bournemouth in 1990, the British formation BIG BIG TRAIN, with their 13 studio albums released to date (in addition to various singles / EPs and three live albums), advanced to internationally successful protagonists of the progressive rock genre and can look back on high international chart positions (#1 in the British rock charts), various renowned awards (4-time winner of the Progressive Music Awards) and countless sold-out concerts. Following on from 'Common Ground', which was recorded by PETER GABRIEL in 2019 with AIDAN O'ROURKE (LAU) in the Real World Studios and was released in mid-2021, BIG BIG TRAIN now sets another with 'Welcome To The Planet' only a short time later exclamation mark and reveals, even in the 32nd volume year, through uninterrupted creativity in combination with new, modern elements, that they are undoubtedly among the spearheads of contemporary UK prog.

Label: English Electric Rec
Genre: Pop/Rock
Language: English
Run Time: 50:00 mins

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