Blackheart - Invisible (CD)


$ 14.99


Release Date: 11/03/09

BLACKHEART are a new band consisting of CHRISSY MOSTYN and RICK PILKINGTON.

BLACKHEART are hailed as one of the most exciting British song writing duos of the last decade. They are currently touring the UK with a band that includes Andy Collins and Brian Thomas (The Storys) and Simon Davies (Racing Cars). The band has released one album previously (their outstanding debut album 'Indigo') and their new album 'Invisible' features commanding heartfelt songs all superbly performed and sung. Their song writing blends folk, country and even rock influences to create a unique style of beautifully crafted memorable songs. They are regularly played on Radio 2 (Song Of The Fathers Day 2008), Aled Jones Show and have had songs featured in TV commercials and their last single reached Number 1 in the NCM Chart last Christmas.

Genre: Country
Run Time: 49 mins

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