Bleak/Dialysis - Split 7 Inch (7 INCH)


$ 5.99


Two Syracuse heavyweights, both doing covers, both having other members do vocals, all good times.

Two bands from Syracuse- the monsterously heavy BLEAK and the grinding speed freaks in DIALYSIS- team up to bring forth this split 7'. BLEAK cover Tom Waits 'God's Away On Business' in the heaviest possible way featuring guest vocals. They also do a cover of Unsane's 'Sick', featuring Ryan Canavan from DIALYSIS on vocals... which makes sense.
DIALYSIS are on the flip side with one new track, 'Things I Hate About This Place' ( a compendium to 'Things I Like About This Place', featured on their last 7' 'Abastab')- an ode to deplorable Winters, hometown shit-talkers, and fair-weather scene supporter hypocrites. They follow that up with a cover of Tom Waits (again!) 'I Don't Want To Grow', done in the punkest of fashion and featuring Matt Jaime from BLEAK on vocals.
The whole package comes wrapped in a beautifully designed screened and letterpressed sleeve, sure to catch the eye.
Limited to 300 copies total on colored vinyl.

Track Listing

    • Bleak- God's Away On Business
    • Bleak- Sick
    • Dialysis- Things I Hate About This Place
    • Dialysis- I Don't Want To Grow Up

    Additional Details

    Label: Hex Records

    Genre: Metal

    Language: English

    Run Time: 09:20 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 05/20/16

    UPC: 760137836414

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