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Bobaflex - Primitive Epic (CD)


Bobaflex - Primitive Epic (CD)

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Release Date: 08/19/03

' of the most memorable performances on this year's GIGANTOUR' -KNAC

Lack of originality is never a problem for Bobaflex, a band that brings something fresh and imaginative to modern rock on Primitive Epic. Instead of going out of their way to copy anyone else, these guys look to a variety of sources for inspiration. Their sound owes something to Rage Against the Machine, House of Pain, and Tool, but they also owe a creative debt to the '70s progressive rock of Pink Floyd, Queen, and Rush, as well as the conceptual '80s fantasy metal of Queensrÿche. Primitive Epic, in fact, is a very conceptual album -- one that is forceful, angst-ridden, and in-your-face (all the things rock is supposed to be), but it is also melodic, complex, and intricate (all the things '70s progressive rock is supposed to be). Bobaflex, for all its punky aggression, is impressively musical, and there are plenty of interesting twists and turns in the songs. Because of that complexity, listeners won't be able to fully absorb Primitive Epic the first time around -- like so many Queen, Pink Floyd, Yes, and Rush releases (and a lot of jazz, for that matter), Primitive Epic is the sor t of album that reveals more and more of its richness with each listen. An excellent and highly challenging work, Primitive Epic may very well be the closest thing that modern rock has to Pink Floyd's The Wall or Queensrÿche's Operation: Mindcrime.

Genre: Pop/Rock

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