Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Multiverse (CD)

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This Multiverse vision of jazz is rooted in a deep tradition that goes back to Africa, Cuba, New Orleans, to St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago and finally arrives and coalesces in New York City. Along the way Bobby's Multiverse has incorporated other influences thereby reaffirming jazz, challenging its tenets and expanding upon it. The jazz of the Multiverse rejects uniformity and embraces plurality. The fusion of different traditions and sounds does not destroy or dilute the traditional concepts of jazz, but creates other vibrant and interesting possibilities.'It is a multiplicity of styles all joined together by the virtuosity of the contemporary jazz musician and the forward thinking vision of a man who has, as he has stated, one foot in the past, one in the present, and his head always looking toward the future. Revel in the MULTIVERSE. Enjoy the ride.

Track Listing

    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - The French Connection
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Cachita
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Jump Shot
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Over The Rainbow
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Que Viva Candido!
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Wordsworth Ho!
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Speak No Evil
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Broken Heart
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite For Ellington
    • Bobby Sanabria Big Band - The Chicken-From Havana To Harlem - 100 Years Of Mario Bauza

    Additional Details

    Label: Jazzheads

    Genre: Jazz

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Release Date: 10/13/15

    UPC: 809819119329

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