Born To Lose - Saints Gone Wrong (CD)


$ 11.99


Anthem-heavy street punk from these Texas legends.

From the sun-drenched live music capitol of the world Austin, Texas comes Born To Lose, veterans of the street punk scene and legendary live act the world over. Having toured with practically everyone that matters (Street Dogs, Krum Bums, Rat City Riot, Horrorpops, etc.) and releasing their last album 'Sweet Misery' on Sailor's Grave (U.S. Bombs, Roger Miret, etc.), BTL spent the summer of 2008 headlining clubs and festivals across Europe and the U.S. before returning to release new album 'Saints Gone Wrong' on Altercation Records!

Track Listing

    • 1. The Great Beyond
    • 2. Saints Gone Wrong
    • 3. Long Hard Road
    • 4. Let It Go
    • 5. Soundtrack
    • 6. Ante Up
    • 7. Memories
    • 8. We Won't Forget
    • 9. My Mortality
    • 10. Ol' Number 6
    • 11. Give Us Hate
    • 12. Boozin' And Whorin'

    Additional Details

    Label: Altercation Records

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Run Time: 55 mins

    Release Date: 02/10/09

    UPC: 880270246526

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