Building On Fire - Blueprint For A Space Romance (CD)

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Building On Fire was a chaotic, metallic and even sometimes melodic hardcore manifestation that was ahead of its time!

What an awesome CD! Metallic and chaotic (and even a hint of melody here and there) passionate hardcore from the scene's best kept (and most overlooked) secret. In their time Building On Fire played a slew of shows, toured all over, was creating music at a prolific pace, and always had new and crazy ideas to push their music into new directions. Building on Fire is an incredible band that only a few have heard of, but members went on to form Achilles. Fans of early Converge take note.

Track Listing

    • untitled
    • Analogue Heartbeat
    • Lake
    • My Conversation Piece
    • untitled
    • Marching Towards Infinity
    • Mission Statement
    • Murdered By Geometry
    • untitled
    • Becoming Bulletproof
    • Prometheus Under Fire
    • 45 Seconds
    • The Number Six

    Additional Details

    Label: Hex Records

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Run Time: 35:36 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 11/17/09

    UPC: 790168517020

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