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Butch Harrison - What It Is (CD)


Butch Harrison - What It Is (CD)

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Release Date: 07/13/10

R&B expressions of a old school musicianship with a new, fresh sound. You can't go wrong.

These tunes show a true musician's swagger and expressions of old school musicianship with a new fresh sound. This album truly reflects the simplicity of Butch Harrison's musical brilliance. If you've ever been on the road or on a stage, often times all you can see are the smiles, specifically the ones who love you. Listen closely you can hear your hearts cry. Melodic perfection, a sound humility and story of a dream deferred and recaptured.... this is a good dance number for couples 'Freak in you' ...... need I say more - - funky funky funky

Genre: Jazz
Run Time: 62:28 mins

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