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C-drone-defect - Dystopia (CD)


C-drone-defect - Dystopia (CD)

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Release Date: 04/03/10

The project C-Drone-Defect, which has been exisiting for more than 10 years, has become the insiders' tip of the German Electro-scene. Both of the previous CDs, Neural Dysorder Syndrome (SPV) and Nemesis (NoiTekk) were really successful - but compared to the new album Dystopia they appear to be more like rough diamonds. Dystopia manages it to raise the bar in terms of songwriting and sound composing that hardly any other project can compare to it. The free Net-EP Letters from Dystopia was the famous rumours for glory - the longplayer Dystopia met all of the high expectations. Driving rhythms, catchy keyboard soundscapes and a perfectly arranged voice mixed up with some great new ideas and creativity created one of the most incredible Electro- albums of 2010. Threatening - dark - gloomy - epic! Recommended if you like: tactical sekt. psyclon nine, hocico, suicide comando

Label: Cop International
Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

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