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Cabaret Nights - Cabaret Francais Performance 4 (CD)


Cabaret Nights - Cabaret Francais Performance 4 (CD)

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Release Date: 04/24/12

Savour the flavour of France's famous cabaret heritage with the songs, the performers, the music, the artists, the costumes and the colour that make Cabaret Francais so uniquely chic and stylish. You could well discover your champagne flute bubbling over.<br>20 tracks featuring:- Tony Murena <br>- Mistinguett <br>- Yves Montand <br>- Patachou <br>- Patrice Et Mario <br>- Edith Piaf <br>- Pills & Tabet <br>- Émile Prud'Homme <br>- Quartette D'Accordéon de Paris (Marcel Azzola, André Astier & The Domergue Brothers)<br>- Line Renaud <br>- Tino Rossi <br>- Jean Sablon <br>- Henri Salvador <br>- Suzy Solidor <br>- Tohama <br>- Charles Trenet <br>- Georges Ulmer <br>- Nicole Vervil<br>- Ray Ventura & His Collegians

Label: Signature
Genre: World

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