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Chiildren - Other People, The (CD)


Chiildren - Other People, The (CD)

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Release Date: 11/12/13

This nine song release chronicles the band’s relation to sex, death, and the unknown. Fluidly moving between introspection, fictionalized violence, and cultural commentary, Chiildren have crafted their words in unconscious relation to their music and each other. Chiildren is a two-piece, synthetic metal band from Los Angeles, California. The Other People fuses the automation of modern electronica with post-industrial drone, while taking inspiration from grim black metal, splatter-punk fiction, and minimal film scores. RIYL: Cradle Of Filth, Psyclon 9, Mortiis, Imperative Reaction, Combichrist

Label: Bit Riot Records
Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

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