Club Millennium (DVD)


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This is a concert-based DVD full of live performance, fights, ass-shaking, and a vision of Knoxville night life.

Club Millennium starts on New Year's Eve 2014 with Young Buck's first concert right after he returned from jail before rejoining G-Unit. You will see lots of bottle popping, money-throwing, ass-shaking at the New Year's party at Club Millennium in Knoxville, Tennessee. Then it goes to Gun Play who is a Miami-based artist signed to MMG, promoting the 'Self-Made 3' album. Then it goes to the Starlito, Don Trip, Stepbrothers Two Concert. Starlito is one of the most influential rappers out of Nashville, Tennessee and Don Trip is one of the most influential rappers out of Memphis, Tennessee. They are together on stage at Club Millennium. So many people came to see these great monumental acts that the club was packed and over capacity. So many gang-related fights broke out that the fire marshals had to shut the club down. Club Millennium does not exist anymore because it was considered a dangerous location; it is not open anymore.


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Cast & Crew

Director: Carlos Hess

Producer: Carols Hess

Additional Details

Label: Club Millennium

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Language: English

Run Time: 1:25:5 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/07/15

UPC: 793283785503

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