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Two programs: 'Coldplay - Back To The Start' (previously available) and 'Coldplay - Up Close & Personal' (a brand new film).

This DVD Collector's Box contains two programs: 'Coldplay - Back To The Start' (previously available) and 'Coldplay - Up Close & Personal' (a brand new film). It's a visual celebration of Coldplay, the music they make, the unforgettable shows they perform and the incredible lives they lead. The two separate documentaries cover different aspects of their career, and as a whole, the set offers an uncensored look at a truly astonishing band, and reveals what it is that made them what they have become. With rare footage throughout, exclusive interviews with group members and those close to them, contributions from the finest rock authors and journalists, seldom seen photos, location shoots, news clips and a host of other features, this package will prove a delight for the millions of Coldplay fans across the world as it provides for the most informative, enlightening, and downright entertaining document on the group yet to emerge. They're arguably the world's most favorite group right now and they seem to be unstoppable in their assault on charts across the globe, but Coldplay are so much more than just a successful rock band whose fifteen minutes of fame has arrived.

Bonus Materials

  • Digital Illustrated Discography
  • Interactive Gaming Feature
  • Beyond DVD section

Additional Details

Label: Chrome Dreams

Genre: Pop/Rock

Run Time: 120 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 11/25/08

UPC: 823564514994

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