Cyanide Pills - Cyanide Pills (CD)


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It's the CYANIDE PILLS loud, proud & totally snotty debut album… Exploding out of the speakers this 19 track album is bursting with some of the best Pop-punk tunes we'd heard in years. Think of The Boys, The Briefs, Dickies and you'll get it.

Track Listing

    • Conquer The World
    • Making Her Mind Up
    • Break It Up
    • Screw Me Up
    • Shallow
    • Someone To Love
    • On The Outside
    • Cheap N Nasty
    • Dictator
    • Straightjacket Lovers
    • Only You
    • Mail Order Bride
    • Interrogation Room
    • Repeat Offender
    • Wrong
    • Domino
    • Waiting For Nightfall
    • Black Lightning
    • Suicide Bomber

    Additional Details

    Label: Damaged Goods

    Genre: Alternative/Punk

    Run Time: 40 mins

    Release Date: 07/05/10

    UPC: 5020422035621

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